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Get the Latest Diving Masks & Accessories at Canadian Sport Subs Ltd.

Need Turbo Fins? We’ve Got Those in Stock!

Canadian Sport Subs Ltd. offers the latest in fins, masks, snorkels and other diving gear/accessories for all your needs in Southern Ontario. Depending upon your specific diving needs, we have turbo fins, full-foot fins and open-heel fins available in stock.

Advantages of Full-Foot Fins vs. Open-Heel Fins

Full-foot fins are typically smaller and lighter than open-heel fins, which allow them to be worn without booties in warmer waters. Full-foot fins also allow you to kick your feet at a faster pace. Open-heeled fins can be used in waters of all temperatures, including colder ones requiring additional thermal protection. Turbo fins are durable and powerful, although they might not make the best snorkeling fins.

Contact Us with Any Questions

Should you ever have any questions about our accessories and gear, please contact us and let us know how we can help!

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