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Check Out the Available Diving Courses at Canadian Sport Subs Ltd.

PADI® Courses for Divers of All Skill Levels

In conjunction with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI®), Canadian Sport Subs Ltd. in Belleville proudly offers scuba diving courses for people of all ages, from beginners to advanced levels. There are many PADI® certifications available through our courses, including:

  • Open water

  • Advanced open water

  • Rescue

  • Divemaster

  • Wreck diver

  • Drift diver

  • Boat diver

  • Dry suit diver

  • Night diver

  • Ice diver

PADI® Open Water

1. Knowledge Development

First we will familiarize you with some of the basic principles and procedures of diving. You will learn things like how pressure affects your body, how to choose the best diving gear and what to consider when planning dives. At the end of the course, you will take an exam that ensures you’ve got all the key concepts and ideas down.

2. Pool Instruction

Basic scuba skills are developed in a pool. Here you’ll learn everything from setting up your diving gear to how to easily get water out of your mask without surfacing. You’ll also be able to practice some emergency skills, such as sharing air – just in case. There are five pool instruction dives, with each building upon the previous one. Over the course of these five dives, you will attain the skills you need to dive in open water.

3. Open Water Dives

You will have the opportunity for four open water dives with your PADI® instructor at a dive site. This is where you will have fun putting everything you’ve learned together to fully experience an underwater adventure – at the beginner level, of course.

4. Equipment

You’ll need the following equipment for this course:

  • Mask

  • Fins

  • Snorkel

  • Tank

  • Regulator

  • Buoyancy compensator

  • Submersible pressure gauge

  • Wetsuit

PADI® Advanced Open Water

Prior to enrolling in the Advanced Open Water course, you must have first completed your Open Water Certification. During this advanced course, you will continue to build upon your existing diving skills. You will do a deep dive and learn navigation skills.

PADI® Rescue Diver Training

Rescue diver training will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies. Many divers say this is the best course they’ve ever taken. You’ll need Emergency First Response training for this course. This is also taught at the dive shop. During this course, you’ll cover:

  • Self-rescue & diver stress

  • Emergency management & equipment

  • Panicked diver response

  • In-water rescue breathing protocols

  • Egress (exits)

  • Dive accident scenarios

PADI® Divemaster

PADI® Divemaster training will develop your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers. During the PADI® Divemaster program, you will learn dive leadership skills through both classroom and independent study. You will complete water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises that will stretch your ability to organize and solve problems. You will put this knowledge into action through an internship or series of practical training exercises. You must be at least 18 years old to take this course. Other prerequisites include:

  • 60 logged dives

  • A PADI® Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization)

  • A PADI® Rescue Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization) with 20 logged dives

Scuba Course Dates

** Do not forget e-learning is available if your time is short. ** (Call our shop for details!)

Visit PADI’s website for a complete list of available certifications or contact us with any questions you may have!

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